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Do you consider yourself a FAITH-FILLED PERSON but still struggle to feel Christ's peace as you navigate your everyday life?

Does your mind race? 

Do you wrestle with feelings of fear and anxiety? 

Do you live on autopilot and miss the beauty of the present moment? 

Do you feel disconnected from your body? 


Whatever your journey,



Hello, I'm Gail Ann

Welcome to Bodyful Connections, my school for Embodied Christianity!  I call myself an Embodied Christianity Guide because I am passionate about guiding Christian women to learn how to stay connected to God through their bodies as they navigate the stress of everyday life. Learning to experience my faith through my body has been instrumental in cultivating a deep sense of well-being and I am thrilled to share this approach with you. 

I want you to discover your body as an essential resource to deepening your connection with God and cultivating YOUR well-being.

I help Christian women

DEEPEN the connection with their bodies, 

SENSE God within their bodies, and

 EXPERIENCE their faith through their bodies


So they can flow through life

with a calmer mind, relaxed body and a deep sense of God's presence supporting them in the moment. 

 Bodyful Connections 

An experiential body-centered approach to spiritual growth and transformation
for Christian women through

 expressive movement, art journaling​, 
prayerful meditation 
and hands-on-healing.  


 nourished by the fullness of dance, movement, flow, awareness, sensation, connection, expression, touch, release, receptivity, creativity, reflection, recuperation, nature, prayer, and Christ...

leaving you Bodyful.

Do you desire to CONNECT more deeply WITH your body and learn ways to SENSE God WITHIN your body?


Are you drawn to CREATIVE and EXPERIENTIAL approaches that support your healing and spiritual growth?


Do you enjoy SOULFULLY CONNECTING with others and

exploring yourself at a deeper level?


Do you consider yourself a FAITH-FILLED PERSON but still struggle to feel the peace of Christ as you navigate through your everyday life?


Have you DRIFTED AWAY from your faith and do not feel God's presence in your life?


Whatever your journey,


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