For me becoming BODYful has been a wonderful journey into the fullness of whom I believe God created me to be.  I experience BODYfulness as an awakened state of living in my body that allows me to sense the fullness of life flowing through me and around me in each moment.  


My BODYful journey has been greatly influenced by my training as a Dance/Movement Therapist, Counselor, and Reiki Master as well as my Catholic faith.  Through integrating the power of movement, art expression, mindfulness, energy healing, and new developments in brain science, I have discovered that I am beautifully knit together with nested layers of relationships between body, mind, spirit, and faith.  Within this nested system, all layers are interconnected and are continually communicating with each other through the flow of energy from my awareness, intentions, movement, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and faith relationships.


I found that strengthening and deepening my relationship with each layer and heightening my awareness of the dynamic flow of relationships between ALL of the layers has led me on a journey toward wholeness and well-being.  However, I experienced the “fullness of life” most profoundly when my relationship to spirit grew in depth and intimacy and I awakened to the spirit of God as a divine flowing energy living inside of me.  Sensing the spirit of God as energy and as a “WE” inside of me was transformative!


Hover on the image below to read through the layers of my journey.



Connected my brain and body and built

a healthy container for me. Cultivated an embodied presence.

Awakened to my deepening relationship to the Spirit -  flowing through me and around me.




Experienced spirit as

"Universal Life Energy"



Experienced spirit as

"Energy of Divine Love"


Experienced spirit as

A "We" inside of me

My embodied union with God.

The Spirit of God as divine flowing energy living in me.


Heightened my present moment awareness and strengthened my attention.

Showered my nervous system with positive affirmation and gratitude.


yellow faded cross.png

Experienced spirit through my Catholic faith as a "We of Three"

The dynamic flow of relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


As my BODYful journey ensued I learned to sense, reflect upon and direct the divine flow of “We” inside

of me through present moment, body-filled awareness.  I sensed the flow of “WE”

through cultivating an open and receptive body presence, I reflected upon the flow of “WE”

through deep kinesthetic listening and I directed the flow of “WE” through intentional awareness

of my body, breath, movement, senses, thoughts, feelings, prayers and my connection

to others and all creation.


Through cultivating this dynamic flow of awareness I discovered… 

The “WE” inside of me flows through all the layers of me…permeating and integrating me. 

Creating a BODYful me.  I am made whole through sensing, reflecting upon and directing the

“WE” flowing through me and around me.


What a BODYful blessing this has been for me.

I have become deeply rooted, open-hearted and aware.

My true self and my soul have been beautifully revealed to me.


I invite you to open the gift of your body.

 How do you connect with “We”?


Come journey with me.