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For me becoming BODYful has been an incredible journey into the fullness of whom I believe God created me to be. I experience BODYfulness as an awakened state of living in my body that allows me to sense the Divine presence of God flowing in me and all around me.


My training as a Dance/Movement Therapist, Counselor, Faith-based Reiki practioner, and my Catholic faith has dramatically influenced my BODYful journey.  


The more I studied the power of movement, mindfulness, energy healing, scripture, and new developments in brain science; I experienced how fearfully and wonderfully I am made! I learned that everything is energy. Energy is in our DNA and every cell in our body.  How we think, believe, express, and relate with others emmets a specific frequency.   


Through further reflection, I began to experience myself beautifully knit together with nested layers of relationships between my body, mind, Spirit, and faith.  


I discovered that all layers are interconnected within this nested system and continually communicate through the energy flow from my awareness, intentions, movement, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and relationships.  


I found strengthening and deepening my relationship with each layer and heightening my awareness of the dynamic flow of relationships between ALL of the layers essential. It has led me on a journey toward wholeness, healing, and well-being.

However, I deepened my sense of BODYfulness, even more, when my relationship with Spirit grew more intimate through my faith. I awakened to the Spirit of God, the Christ, as a Divine loving energy living inside of me.   


The scripture verse from Colossians 3:11 rocked my world, "There is only Christ. He is in everything and is in everything." The "Word made flesh" has become the very nature of the universe and lives in me!   


Sensing the Spirit of God as an energy incarnate in me as a "WE" (Christ in me) and ALL creation was transformative! I discovered that I am a Divine vessel filled with the Spirit of God, and Jesus came to help awaken this Spirit in me!   


Read through the layers of my journey:

As my BODYful journey ensued, I learned to awaken this Divine loving energy through cultivating body-filled awareness, faith-filled thoughts, and a strong attachment to Jesus. 


I discovered that when I sensed, believed, received, and surrendered to this Divine loving energy, it flowed through all the layers of me, permeating and integrating me. I repeatedly practiced staying connected to God through my body by living in a state of  "Divine flow."


 I developed a "felt sense" of God in my body and ALL creation. My world became technicolor and soaked with the presence of Christ! I began to see the depth and beauty of myself and life through a new reality. I began to experience the fullness of life.   


This Divine flow was creating a BODYful me.  

What a blessing this has been for me.

I have become deeply rooted, open-hearted, and aware.

My BODYful journey has revealed my true self to me.

I invite you to open the gift of YOUR body too.

I would be so honored to be a gentle guide on your journey with you.

You can become BODYful too!

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