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  Become fullypresent and peaceful  

Divine Fullness

   A 12-week Embodied Christianity Program for Women in Midlife and Beyond   

A creative body-centered program for spiritual growth and transformation

through intuitive movement, art journaling, prayerful meditation,

scripture reflection, and soulful discussion

Through this 12-week journey, you will direct your attention to your body and experience your faith through your body to feel more present and peaceful. Let’s connect and see if this program would be a good fit for you.  

Do you consider yourself a faith-filled woman but still have difficulty experiencing the peace of Christ as you navigate everyday life?  


Does your mind race and wrestle with feelings of fear and anxiety?


Do you live in your head on autopilot and feel disconnected from your body?


Do you tend to "think" about God and have difficulty "sensing" God's presence in your everyday life?


Are you ready to feel more present and peaceful as you journey through the next chapter of your life?  


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If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, I want to help you stay connected to God through your body and live out your faith through a peaceful presence.  

I invite you to take a journey into Divine Fullness.  This unique experiential program integrates your body, mind, spirit, and faith through the creative process. Divine Fullness allows you to deepen the relationship with yourself and God in a whole new way - through sensory experiences in the body!  

Through this 12-week program, you will transform in these three ESSENTIAL areas:

Cultivate a calm mind

  • Learn to direct your attention to your body and away from anxious thinking

  • Learn to bathe your nervous system with faith-filled thoughts and gratitude

  • Learn to focus your attention on the present moment

Deepen the connection with your body

  • Learn to sense and live more fully in your body

  • Learn to come to the center of your body and ground your feet when you are anxious

  • Learn to open and listen to the intuition of your heart

Strengthen your relationship with God through your body

  • Learn to shift from thinking about God to sensing God beside you and within you

  • Learn to sense God's presence sustaining and supporting you through your body

  • Learn to live out your faith through an embodied presence of peace and calm

Learning these ESSENTIAL skills will profoundly impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in the following ways:
You will:

  • Be more present for your children and grandchildren.

  • Discover inner peace and contentment as you navigate your shifting roles within your family and career

  • Experience a greater ability to let go of what was and surrender to what is

  • Cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and clarity in how to utilize your gifts

  • Feel more connected and confident in your body

  • Navigate daily challenges with greater grace and ease

  • Experience more joy and gratitude in your life

  • Become more grounded, open-hearted, and aware


 Program Structure

Through this 12-week journey you will learn to live in a peaceful state of Divine flow as you experience your faith through your body.

Step One: Sense your body

Discover how to:

Reconnect to your body through faith and sense how

fearfully and wonderfully you are made.

Step Two: Believe there is a Divine Spark incarnate in your heart 

Discover how to:
Expand the creation story from a new perspective by exploring the beautiful integration of science and religion. Discover the profound realization that the Spirit of God is a Divine loving energy that awaits to be awakened within you.

Step Three: Receive Divine Support into your body and awaken the Divine spark in your heart

Discover how to: 

Deepen your loving attachment with Jesus and

sense and visualize the stability and support of the cross in the depth of your body.


Step Four: Surrender to Divine Love through your body

Discover how to:

Reflect upon Jesus' body as a guide to surrender more fully in yours.

Allow Divine love to flow through your entire body and sense

being a Divine vessel and a Divine channel for God's love to flow out into the world.  

You will discover how to flow into the next chapter of your life
Divinely supported and surrendered to love so you awaken to your

Fullness in Christ

Program Details

  • Twelve 90-minute VIRTUAL sessions on Zoom

  • An "individual" program format and a "small group" program format are both available   

  • Support, encouragement and homework offered in-between sessions

Enter a container of spiritual transformation!

Upon joining the program, you will receive a bag of

 "Creative Yumminess" 

that contains the following items for your spiritual journey.

  *9x12 Mixed media art journal

 *Oil pastels

 *Soft pastels


*Dancing scarf 

*Picture of Jesus

*Aromatherapy Candle

Divine Fullness uniquely blends Christian Mysticism, 

psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, Dance/Movement Therapy,

neurodevelopmental movement, and Christ-centered energy medicine. 

Hi, I am Gail Ann

Welcome to Bodyful Connections, my School for Embodied Christianity!  I uniquely integrate my skills as a Board-certified Dance/Movement Therapist (body-centered counselor) and a Christ-centered Energy Medicine Practitioner. I am passionate about guiding Christian women to learn how to stay connected to God through their bodies as they navigate everyday life. 


Learning to experience my faith through my body has led me on a journey toward healing, well-being, and wholeness, and I am thrilled to share this approach with you. I LOVE cultivating safe and creative spaces for women to gather and connect for spiritual growth and transformation. I utilize my body-centered counseling skills in each session to help you safely journey into your body. 

"Gail Ann is kind, open, and authentic; she also listens deeply...not only to God but to others."  

Kim, Aurora, IL

"I so enjoyed Gail Ann and our shared journey. The Lord revealed so much through the process. I feel connected to God, myself, and others more deeply due to this program. Gail Ann is a precious soul, and I will always be grateful to God for our Christian Embodiment Adventure."
Lisa S., Lynchburg, VA

"When threatened by fear, I have learned ways to readjust my body and let God in."  

Becky, Libertyville, IL

Embark on your journey into

Embodied Christianity!

Let's connect and explore if this program would be a good fit for you.
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