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Divine Mind

Experience the fullness of life
through cultivating the mind of Christ.


Divine Mind is a meditative prayer practice that utilizes a systematic reflective process to sense the presence of God deep within your awareness and helps you cultivate the mind of Christ.


Within this practice, how you sense and direct the flow of your awareness is deeply influenced by your faith beliefs.  You will be invited to sense the presence of Christ and the image of the cross at the center of your being.  From this receptive, Christ-centered, state of awareness you will then invite the presence of Christ to permeate your attention in four specific areas:

Your inner world…

Sense the presence of Christ as the interior of your body fills your awareness.  


Your mental activity…

Sense the presence of Christ as your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and prayers fill your awareness. 


Your outer world…

Sense the presence of Christ as sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures fill your awareness.


Your relationships…

Sense the presence of Christ as your connections with others and all living things fill your awareness. 


Through this meditative prayer practice, you will integrate your brain, transform your mind and

awaken to the Divine presence that lies within you and flows

around you.

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