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Meet Gail Ann Bradshaw

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I am a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (a body-centered counselor) and a Faith-based Reiki Master (a Christ-centered energy medicine practitioner). Since 1995, I have worked as a Dance/Movement Therapist with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults within various clinical and wellness settings.  I have facilitated Dance/Movement Therapy at in-patient and out-patient mental health, family bereavement, cancer, church, senior living, and special education facilities. However, my heart has been nudging me to expand my work to a wider community so more people can learn how to open the gift of their bodies and awaken to the fullness of life as I have been blessed to experience.


Creating BODYful Connections is a dream germinating deep within me for a very long time.  It synthesizes my passion for Creative Arts Therapy, science, mindfulness, energy healing, and Christian mysticism.  I believe that all the lessons I have learned as a student, friend, daughter, wife, mother, counselor, and Christian have all played an integral role in creating these practices.  Through many of my struggles in life, my love for the arts, nature, and faith has always been instrumental in helping me flow into a sense of well-being.  My business logo of the tree represents my growth of becoming deeply rooted, open-hearted, and aware through integrating my body, mind, spirit, and faith.  I have found that living a “BODYful" life takes practice, and I am passionate about helping others experience the fullness of life by opening the gift of their bodies.  My mission is to be a gentle guide on one's journey toward health, wholeness, and well-being and help them grow into the fullness that God created them to be!  Are you ready to become BODYful too?


I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. I completed my Master of Arts degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College Chicago in 1995.  I became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in 1997. I maintained my license until 2010, when my mothering challenges and family responsibilities made it difficult to complete my required continuing education credits for my LCPC license.  However, through these hectic mothering years, my faith journey immensely deepened, and I had a strong propensity to learn other body-centered healing modalities to help strengthen the well-being of my children and myself.

Consequently, I attained my Reiki Master certification in 2010 at The Well Spirituality Center and completed an online program in Neurodevelopmental Movement from Move, Play, Thrive.  I immersed myself in learning new information about the power of movement and the body/mind connection, neuroscience, attachment theory, energy medicine, mindfulness, and Christian mysticism.  As I successfully integrated these new skills into my own life, I naturally included them in my clinical practice.  My clinical focus naturally shifted toward wellness, hands-on healing, and spiritual growth. I genuinely love learning and see myself as a “professional student.”   I continually try to advance my clinical skills by attending workshops, lectures, and online training.  I thoroughly enjoy any opportunity to lecture about Dance/Movement Therapy and body-centered practices that cultivate healing and well-being and nurture spiritual growth. 


Gail Ann Bradshaw

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