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Wonder & Awe

Experience the fullness of God's presence flowing in nature through sensory awareness and creative journaling.

Wonder & Awe is a contemplative prayer practice that invites you to take a long loving look at creation and become awakened to God's presence.


Developing the spiritual gifts of wonder and awe are dependent upon our ability to actively look upon God’s creation with great curiosity and receptivity in the present moment.  Actively engaging in these concrete sensory experiences of God’s presence actually activates the awareness centers of our brain and helps our mind become more integrated and healthy.  God becomes more neurologically real for us and deepens the ability of our minds and hearts to truly understand and receive the love of God.       


So come to surround yourself with the beauty of nature and step into awareness of the present moment with great curiosity.


Deepen your breath

Open your body

Activate all of your senses

Creatively journal

Authentically connect and reflect with others

And experience the presence of God

Flowing through you

And all creation



Supplies Needed:  You are encouraged to bring a large or small drawing journal if you have one but paper and drawing supplies will also be provided.  

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