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 Experience the fullness of life through

present moment awareness



justBE is a contemplative practice that trains your body and mind

to be present in the moment and expands your awareness.


Taking time to reflect inwardly and focus your attention on your internal world is a science-proven way to integrate your brain, create mental resilience and increase well-being.  Sadly, much of what happens in our daily lives pulls all of our attention to our “outer world” through the continuous stream of information that flows our way.  Although we are blessed with the many advancements made through our digital world the danger is that we fail to pay attention to our “inner world” and our own body, mind, and spirit.  When the awareness circuits of our brain are not exercised they cannot remain healthy and strong and our ability to focus, regulate motions and meaningfully connect with others greatly suffers.


justBE provides you with the needed time and space to reflect inwardly. Through creatively exploring the Wheel of Awareness practice by Daniel Siegel, you will learn how to inhabit your body and mind with a calm, open and relaxed presence so you can expand the awareness of your senses, body sensations, mental activities, and relationships.  Through differentiating these four different areas of your attention into a beautiful whole you will:


Explore your inner life

Integrate your brain

Strengthen your mind


More deeply experience the fullness of everyday life.




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