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Embodied Faithfullness

A 12-week 1:1 Christian Embodiment Program
 Illumine your body through faith 
and awaken to your fullness in Christ

Do you yearn to flow through life with greater grace and ease?


Do you desire to live out your faith more deeply and experience God's presence in your everyday life?


Do you wish you felt more connected to your body and your true self?

Are you ready to accept the invitation and embark on a spiritual journey to discover all three?

Embodied Faithfullness is an experiential Christian embodiment program that integrates your body, mind, spirit, and faith.  It is birthed out of an incarnational worldview that believes all creation is soaked with the spirit of God.  As explained by Father Richard Rohr, "Long before Jesus' incarnation, Christ was deeply embedded in all things—as all things!"  









Christian embodiment invites you to intentionally direct your awareness into the body and begin to awaken the Divine presence of God, the Christ, interwoven within YOU.

You will illumine your body through faith by cultivating body-filled awareness, faith-filled thoughts, and

a secure attachment to Jesus.









You will discover that you are a Divine vessel

filled with the light of Christ!









You will become more:


Your true self!

   "There is only Christ. Christ is all and in all." 
Colossians 3:11

Christ + Me = "WE"
(Divine flowing energy living in me)

As you awaken to your fullness in Christ, you will learn to:


Live more fully in your body, 

Sense the sacredness of your body, 

And experience Divine support in the depth of your body.

You will heighten your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being as you more consistently stay connected to God through your body.  

This 12-week guided 1:1 program of spiritual transformation
will include the following:  
expressive movement, art journaling, guided meditation,
scripture reflection, prayer, and soulful discussion

Embodied Faithfullness uniquely blends Christian Mysticism, 

psychology, science, mindfulness, Creative Arts Therapy, 

and Christ-centered energy medicine.  


Gail Ann utilizes her body-centered counseling skills in each session to help you safely journey into your body.


Program details:

*Twelve 90-minute 1:1 Sessions

*Support and encouragement in between sessions

*In-person and virtual options

(Located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago)

Cost:  $2,500

Upon entering the program, you will receive this bag of
creative yumminess...

All materials for creative self-expression are provided for in-person and virtual programs.  Your bag will be filled with the following items for your spiritual journey:


 *9x12 Mixed media art journal

 *Oil pastels

 *Soft pastels


*Dancing scarf 

*Picture of Jesus

*Gertie Ball


Gail Ann BradshawMA, BC-DMT

Christian Embodiment Guide

Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

Christ-Centered Energy Medicine Practitioner

Please email Gail Ann at to learn more about Embodied Faithfullness and explore if this program would be a good fit for you.  You may also schedule a free and obligation-free exploratory session.

Embark on your journey into Embodied Faithfullness!

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