Open the gift of your body...

Integrate your body, mind, spirit, and faith &

 awaken to the fullness of life.


Christian Embodiment Practices that Promote Healing, Cultivate Well-being, and

Nurture Spiritual Growth through the Creative and Healing Arts.

Become "BODYful " as you CONNECT more deeply with your body, LIVE each moment with body-filled awareness, and SENSE the Divine presence of God flowing within you

and all around you.


BODYful Connections offers expressive, contemplative, and hands-on healing practices that beautifully blend different creative and healing arts modalities, such as:

*Dance/Movement Therapy 

*Neurodevelopmental Movement 

*Christ-centered Reiki Healing Touch 


*Art Expression




: nourished by the fullness of dance, movement, flow, awareness, sensation, connection, expression, touch, release, receptivity, creativity, reflection, recuperation, nature,

and prayer...leaving you BODYful.