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Bodyful Connections is a unique body-centered school for Christian women that provides an experiential contemplative approach to spiritual growth and transformation through sensory experiences of God in the body.

Hi, I am Gail Ann

Welcome to Bodyful Connections, my School for Embodied Christianity!  I uniquely integrate my skills as a board-certified dance/movement therapist (body-centered counselor) and a Christ-centered energy medicine practitioner. I am passionate about guiding Christian women to stay connected to God through their bodies as they navigate everyday life. 


Learning to experience my faith through my body has led me toward healing, well-being, and wholeness, and I am thrilled to share this approach with you. I LOVE cultivating safe and creative spaces for women to gather and connect for spiritual growth and transformation. I utilize my body-centered counseling skills in each session to help you safely journey into your body.

I facilitate practices and programs that help you deepen the connection with yourself and God through 

intuitive movement, art journaling, embodied prayerful meditation, and hands-on healing.


 My Bodyful Offerings

Divine Fullness

12-Week Embodied Christianity Program 


Become fully present and peaceful as you learn to stay connected to God through your body.

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Receive weekly movement experiences, personal reflections, and trainings to help you start your journey into Embodied Christianity. 



 nourished by the fullness of dance, movement, flow, awareness, sensation, connection, expression, touch, release, receptivity, creativity, reflection, recuperation, nature, prayer, and Christ...

leaving you Bodyful.

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