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Are you ready to embody the fullness God created you to be?

Reconnect with your body through faith and 
Awaken to your 
fullness in Christ and
Experience the
fullness of life!

Do you desire to CONNECT more deeply WITH your body and learn ways to SENSE God WITHIN your body?

Are you drawn to CREATIVE and EXPERIENTIAL approaches that support your healing and spiritual growth?

Do you enjoy SOULFULLY CONNECTING with others and

exploring yourself at a deeper level?

Do you consider yourself a FAITH-FILLED PERSON but still struggle to feel the peace of Christ as you navigate through your everyday life?

Have you DRIFTED AWAY from your faith and do not feel God's presence?


Whatever your journey,


Experience an embodied faith-based approach

to healing, well-being, and spiritual growth

through Creative Arts Therapy and the Healing Arts.

BODYful Connections offers expressive, contemplative, and hands-on healing practices/programs that help deepen the connection with yourself, God, and others

through the body.

Each offering blends different healing modalities, such as:

*Dance/Movement Therapy 

*Neurodevelopmental Movement 

*Christ-centered energy medicine

*Verbal counseling

*Art Expression 



Integrate your body, mind, spirit, and faith and become "BODYful "...

Artwork by Beverly Ash Gilbert -

*LIVE each moment with body-filled awareness

*SENSE how fearfully and wonderfully you are made

*NOTICE the depth and beauty of life

*LEARN embodied faith-based skills to help calm your nervous system and de-stress

*DEVELOP experiential knowing of God through creative expression

*EXPAND your awareness of the full Christ Mystery

*EXPERIENCE more joy and gratitude in your life

*DEEPEN your experience of your true self

*BECOME grounded, open-hearted, and aware...more Christ-like

*GROW into the fullness God created you to be 

Awaken to the fullness of life! 


 nourished by the fullness of dance, movement, flow, awareness, sensation, connection, expression, touch, release, receptivity, creativity, reflection, recuperation, nature, prayer, and Christ...

leaving you BODYful.

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